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Reclaim – Freedom From Domestic Abuse

The Reclaim Project (formerly The Women’s Project & Healing Hearing) was established in 1993 and provides free Counselling of up to 10 sessions to women and men affected by domestic abuse living in North Somerset.  Support is provided to people who are no longer in a relationship with their abuser.  Reclaim will work with clients to enable them to explore their experiences and help them to move forward to reclaim their lives.

Since moving to VANS in 2019, the Reclaim project has become firmly embedded in the charity, with the team of coordinators and self-employed counsellors becoming part of the team.

With increased demand for support specifically for survivors of Domestic Abuse, VANS is working with other local providers to identify gaps in the current offer and additional funding to put in place support where required in North Somerset.

For people who are living with their abuser, Next Link North Somerset may be able to offer you support:

0800 4700 280  (Monday – Friday 10 am – 4 pm)


Raise free funds through Give as you Live Online

What Reclaim offers

The counsellors at Reclaim offer:

– a free, confidential service in a variety of venues across North Somerset

– advice and direction to the right agency that can further help and support clients.

To make an appointment with a Reclaim Counsellor, call: 07919 440233 or email: inforeclaim@Reclaimvans.org.uk